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NSG 456 University of Phoenix Week 5 Interdisciplinary Team Work Research Dissemination

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Dissemination is an essential step after getting research findings. It involves the process of communicating research findings to the public, practitioners, and other individuals that can benefit from it. The most important thing about sharing the research findings with people is to create awareness on the particular topic. For instance as an endoscopy RN, it is essential to inform the nurse about the findings in endoscopy nursing and, therefore, close the gap between research and endoscopy practice. The creation of awareness itself will lead to change in many aspects.

Effective dissemination and communication are vital in ensuring that many individuals and organizations benefit from it as much as possible. One of the changes in the influence that it will have on the health practice. It will help change some procedures in endoscopy due to the good, promised results from the research. This practice will also give hope of research and confidence to the healthcare community; they will understand its benefits in practice. Apart from the benefits to the healthcare system, it will draw the government and stakeholders’ attention towards funding more research.

Yes, dissemination is an essential step, but unfortunately a step that many seem to forget or don’t want to do. You mentioned communication – dissemination is all about communication. In reality, it takes an entire team to make all of this work and for dissemination and change to occur. And better yet, it takes an interdisciplinary team to make it work well. In an article by Nancarrow et al (2013) they mentioned 10 characteristics that they believed underpinned effective interdisciplinary team work. These were identified as: “positive leadership and management attributes; communication strategies and structures; personal rewards, training and development; appropriate resources and procedures; appropriate skill mix; supportive team climate; individual characteristics that support interdisciplinary team work; clarity of vision; quality and outcomes of care; and respecting and understanding roles.”

Thinking about these 10 characteristics, how would you propose to use them to implement your proposed EBP solution?

Nancarrow, S., Booth, A., Ariss, S., Smith, T., Enderby, P., and Roots, A. (2013) Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work, Human Resources Health. 11, 19. doi: 10.1186/1478-4491-11-19 


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