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NSG 456 UOPX Wk 4 Critical Thinking and Eminence Based Practice in Nursing Response

  • On what do you rely in the absence of evidence? 
  • One of the other team members resonded with this and I need a response in a minimum of 175 words without references:

In the process of looking for information to answer the question on what do nurses rely on in the absence of evidence I came across many publications describing different ways nurses can make decisions without the presence of evidence. Nurses for the majority of day-to day clinical decision-making situations the evidence they use are experiential knowledge which include the nurses critical thinking skills which involve critical analysis, introductory and concluding justification, and a valid conclusion which allows the nurse to make decisions when evidence is not available.(Thompson, 2003) Nurses face different types of uncertainties on their clinical decisions which are mostly taken by experiential knowledge, but is this enough or do they need the guidelines and information evidience brings.

In my practice I use various types of tools and support when making a decision for my patients care. I use my critical thinking skills together with high-level research .Co-workers, charge nurses and managers can also be a source of knowledge and information that can provide to assist in my decisions. Hospital protocols must be followed and provide guidelines for employees to follow for safe and proper patient care. Although there is information form many places using knowledge given by previous experience is essential and very helpful when providing patient care. Patient safety and care are priority so nurses decision-making needs to be carefully thought with supportive data and information that will help nurses make positive decisions. Nursing practicing without evidence is a challenge due to the fact that experiential knowledge and critical thinking skills are a good source of information but require evidence from research which provides nurses with guidelines and information that assist in decision-making.

Thompson, C. (2003). Clinical experience as evidence in evidence-based practice. Leading Global Nursing Research, 43(3), 230-237.


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