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NSU Medicare Readmissions Case Study


Review and analyze the following Mini-Case Study from the textbook (Nowicki, 2018):

Mr. Jones is an 87-year-old widower who lives alone. He was admitted to the hospital through the ER for shortness of breath and swollen ankles. After an extensive interview, the admitting physician discovered that Mr. Jones had been admitted two weeks earlier with the same symptoms and had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After a four-day stay, Mr. Jones had been transferred to a skilled nursing facility, where he spent three days before being discharged home with a prescription for a diuretic to help reduce fluid buildup. The admitting physician discovered that no one at the hospital or the skilled nursing facility explained to Mr. Jones the importance of maintaining a low-sodium diet. Mr. Jones had attended a grandchild’s birthday and eaten several hotdogs before his latest symptoms appeared.

  1. Who should be financially responsible for the costs related to Mr. Jones’s latest admission?
  2. Should Medicare, or any insurer, pay for readmissions related to errors in discharge instructions?
  3. Would it be different if Mr. Jones received instructions for a low-sodium diet but chose to ignore them?
  • Conduct research and write an Annotated Bibliography using ten peer-reviewed journal articles that are no more than ten (10) years old, as it relates to the questions listed above, and use APA Manual (2020, p. 308). Use the textbook, NSU Library, and/or Google Scholar.
  • Note the following:
    • Part 1: The GL should get group consensus on the final paper and send it to all group members. Each group member will submit the same assignment in Blackboard for grading. If you do not submit the paper in Blackboard, you will not receive a grade.
    • Part 2: The Alternate Group Leader (AGL) will then post the assignment in the “Class Discussion” tab. In the Subject Line, write “Group 1 Discussion 3.”
    • Part 3: Each group will review and analyze another group’s paper and write a brief analytical paragraph. Provide peer-reviewed references and the textbook to support your rationale. The AGL will post the review in the “Class Discussion” tab. In the Subject Line, write “Group 1: Analytical Peer Review of Group 2 Discussion 3.”


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