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NSU The Precipitating and Palliative Factors in A Patient Review Discussion

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Ms. Jackson, a 39 year old female, comes into the clinic complaining of headaches. Vitals appear to all be normal. It should be determined that the patient is in no physical distress prior to the interview. Specific questions that the nurse educator could ask her that relates to the history of present illness include, describing the patient’s chief complaint and going into depth explaining the last time the patient felt well. You can ask the patient to describe the precipitating and palliative factors, as well as describing the quality and quantity of the headache, ask which region of the head is affected as well as if the pain radiates anywhere. Some other questions include the severity and associated symptoms of the headache, and the timing and temporality of it. Important past medical history to ask the patient is any other medical illnesses, immunizations, surgeries, allergies, recent or past hospitalizations, injuries, current medication use, past transfusions, any recent screenings, and emotional status.

Family history is also an important factor to include. You should ask the patient if she has any blood relatives with similar illnesses like headaches or migraines. It is also important to consider if they have any cardiovascular or neurological issues that can be related to the headaches. Social history is also an important aspect to explore when interviewing a patient. Things like if the patient is a smoker or a drinker is important to know (Oxlad & Turnbull, 2021). As well as if the patient indulges in any recreational drugs. Where the patient works is also an important factor because this can tell us whether or not the patient’s headaches are because of her work. The systems that should definitely be included in the patients interview is neurological and cardiovascular. It is important to know if the patient has had any blood pressure issues, and neurological issues that can be playing a role in her headaches.


Oxlad, M., & Turnbull, D. (2021). Undergraduate psychology and dental students’ perceptions of interprofessional learning when using motivational interviewing to encourage health behaviour change: a mixed methods study. Australian Psychologist, 56(5), 417–426.


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