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Nunez Community College 3XY Basketball Gym Center Business Plan

Beginning with the initial discussion boards, you contemplated business ideas as entrepreneurs. You shared your thoughts and ideas with classmates and completed assignments in support of your potential business. In chapter 2 you took a stab at creating your own business plan. Now after acquiring more knowledge and completing various assignments, it is time to generate a more formal partial business plan to document your business interest in a comprehensive manner.

In the link below, you will find a business plan template. Download the template and follow the instructions. For the assignments, you are required to complete sections 1 – 5. Those sections include the: Executive Summary, Company Description, Products and Services, Marketing Plan, and Operational Plan.

In the executive summary, disregard #6 (your management team and their prior experience). Each section includes a worksheet for your responses; it is not necessary to use the worksheets…..simply type your responses in a word document. The business plan should include the following in this order:

– Title page (everything centered and on separate lines, the title “Business Plan”, the name of your business, your name, course

– Next page titled Executive Summary at top center and content beginning at left margin

– Next page titled Company Description, same format

– Next page titled Products and Services, same format

– Next page titled Marketing Plan, same format

– Next page titled Operational Plan, same format

If you need more than one page for any section that is fine. Each section contains numbered topics. You can simply type the name of that section with the corresponding number and your response.

Once complete, save your document and email to me on due date….Wednesday, December 2nd… subject line Final – Business Template. I will be looking for each document that day! Follow and respond to the questions in the template and you can’t go wrong.

The grading rubric includes:

Executive summary – 20%

Company description – 20%

Products and Services – 20%

Marketing Plan – 20%

Operational Plan – 20%


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