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NUR 319 Miami Dade College Foundation of Nursing Questions

When a Pt addiction to opioids, physical dependence, drug tolerance, and opioid overdose

⁃ Aware of pt who have chronic pain

⁃ Surgical/aseptic techniques

⁃ TB; airborne; neg pressure room

⁃ Pt lying on the back for long time, when will he get a pressure ulcer; serum

⁃ Caring for Parkinson disease; diffulcty swallowing; what are they at risk for: aspiration

⁃ Priority assessment for pt who using a PCA, main thing to check for sedation

⁃ Pt with bowel bowels on a bed pan, what are some things nurse can do to help: elevate the bed

⁃ Foley care; pt is in content

⁃ When u see urine when u put catheter; next action is to insert 1/2 more

⁃ Chain of infection; mask is transmission

⁃ Room cleaning

⁃ Therapeutic response

⁃ What do u see contact precaution for; C.diff

⁃ Acute and chronic pain; post op

⁃ Measles hierarchy of needs

⁃ Types of pain: deep, visceral, deferred, radiating pain

⁃ Subjective and objective

⁃ Stages of ulcers

⁃ Pt who has delirium

⁃ Know nursing actions; independent and dependent(needs an order) actions

⁃ Know non pharmualigical pain relief interventions

⁃ Nursing intervention to change a dress wound and want pt to be comfortable: give pain meds

⁃ Early signs of hypoxia

⁃ Common symptoms for older symptoms who have infection: confusion

⁃ Normal expected finding in older pt (sect all that implies)

⁃ Safety concerns for older pt living alone: fall risk

⁃ How can nurses prevent contractors on pt: ROM

⁃ COPD and why no high of oxygen

⁃ Skin integrity, things we can do; nasal canula

⁃ What do we do when we give meds (RIGHTS)

⁃ Bed all day: orthostatichypotension

⁃ What to do with a Pt with sensory overload

⁃ Solid, liquid, full diet

⁃ J and G tube differences

⁃ Care plan for pt and has constipation related to OPD what would be a : may able to poop

⁃ Tube feeding for G tube: aspirate before feeding; above 200cc wait

⁃ Understanding of what we taught them

⁃ Older pt with hearing aid

⁃ Hospice care/ and palliative care

⁃ Wear u should hang a foley, and wear to tie wrist restraint

⁃ Best thing we can do for respiratory complication that is immobilize: use spirometer

⁃ Wound cleaning

⁃ Regular and INP insulin administration

⁃ Task for Nursing assistance

⁃ Know types of oxygen mask and what to do if something happens to them

⁃ Demonstrate that we are listening to patient(SOLER)

⁃ Cognitive Changs in older adults

⁃ How meds affect older adults and younger people

⁃ Nurse to pt, working, and discharge

⁃ Types of touches

⁃ Know how to read labels for meds

⁃ Know what to do when wee restraint pt

⁃ Home health nurses; pt who can’t see well

⁃ Prioritize pt for risk for injuries

⁃ What kind of syringe for insulin

⁃ sensory deprivation; what can we do to help

⁃ Ways to reduce sensory stimuli

⁃ Older adults and sexuality and how to discuss

⁃ Actual loss

⁃ Know expected findings for skin integrity for older adult

⁃ How to insert foley

⁃ Conditions the alter older adults mind

⁃ Pt cesceble for deveeelping DVT

⁃ Pt who can’t see, how to describe their food

⁃ How to read older people

⁃ Presssure ulcer: eat protein


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