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NUR 361 Chamberlain College of Nursing Usability of Information Technology Responses

Please reply to this integrating a scholarly article.

Standardized terminology and language are essential in healthcare not only for reimbursement purposes but also for optimal patient care. As stated by Cimino (1995) controlled vocabularies are crucial to almost all health care computing applications. It is important that all members of the healthcare team are able to communicate efficiently among each other and with the informatics systems set in place at their facility. It is essential that nurses are able to use proper terminology, have access to resources involving terminology and be provided proper training with new equipment. As stated by Hebda (2019) in this week lesson usability is the ability of a product such as software-system or web based application to be used in a healthcare setting. It is important that nurse are able to use the software and web based systems that are implemented at their facility’s in order to excel in documentation and in patient care. As stated by Hebda, Hunter and Czar (2019) usability focuses on specific users and their goals for a specific context. Usability plays a major role in the healthcare field because organizations are constantly changing and updating their software to provide more safe and efficient care for their patients. According to Hyde (2017) although all classifications, vocabularies, and clinical terminologies are not identical in structure, conventions, or purpose, they do have some commonalities that allow a professional that is experienced in one set to grasp concepts of another set in an expedited fashion. Terminology and language should be universally accepted and understood in all realms in order to ensure comprehension across all planes which include computer software programs; however that is not the case. A study implemented by Viitanen,Kuusisto and Nykänen (2011) showed that usability problems appear to have effects on nurses documentation practices and nursing work, and thus reflect to the healthcare professionals attitudes towards standardized documentation with electronic nursing records. The experience I have had with software in my current place of work is poor, the computer system that is set in place is very basic and I would say user friendly. Although the system seems basic to me, I know that each program that they implement in healthcare facility’s take time to create and undergo a lot of testing to ensure privacy, safety and time efficiency. All and all we must be aware and accountable for the role we play in the usability of software and equipment at our current place of work. Nurses must be able to stay on top of all of the new programs set in place and speak up when we need further training and assistance in these programs.


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