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NUR 439 Chamberlain College Wk 4 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Reflection

This week we learned how research designs are different and help us to objectively study nursing problems; the key is to decide which type of research and design will serve the purpose or intent to find a solution. After completing Week 4 readings and lesson, answer the following:

  • Reflect on your learning about Quantitative and Qualitative research; share two ways that helped you understand how they are different.
  • Choose one category of study design that you found interesting and describe; include what you learned about the design and how you believe it can help study nursing problems.
  • Refer back to your clinical nursing priority problem and evidence you located for your week 3 assignment: The nursing-evidenced practice (NEBP) committee has requested for you to make a recommendation to the team: Describe the type of research and the design that you believe would be the best way to study your problem. Discuss your rationale.
  • This week we talk about choosing the right design for our research. It is essential to choose which design will address the purpose and find the solution. Using an incorrect design can lead to long periods of searching for a solution with no end in sight.What design will you choose to use in your clinical issue and what are your reasons for that choice? Clinical problems point to what type of design should be used. Why does your clinical issue favor one design type over the other?The NEBP wants you to make recommendations. Tell them what your clinical issue is (your research) and why you choose the design you did. Use peer reviewed literature to support your choice.Then when responding to other classmates be sure to challenge them and continue the conversation. Pose questions to them that relate to their choice. We want to continue the thread discussion when we post to our classmates.
  • I have attached the files that this builds from


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