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NURS 434 Southwest Minnesota State University Implications of Rural Nursing Theory in the Rural Pop

Each student, or team of students, will create at least a one to two page paper describing
the implications of nursing theories in the rural population. If you have prepared for the
rural interview, you have had the opportunity to use review the readings and resources
that will be useful for this paper. The paper will be professionally written and in APA
format. Also, additional resources include the use of for writing support and
the availability of a draft review for this paper. These resources are totally optional but
encouraged. The draft review is provided to provide feedback regarding the content of
your paper. Writing mechanic, style, and APA formatting feedback may be sought using
Appendix E – Implications of Rural Nursing Theory in the Rural Population Grading
Expands on the description of the landscape of life in rural settings
and rural populations by describing:
1) Characteristics of rural dwellers
2) Distinctive nature of rural nursing practice
3) Implications of Rural Nursing Theory in the
rural population
APA Format and editorial style – use of APA formatting, avoiding
plagiarism by adhering to the rules for paraphrasing, summarizing,
and the use of quotations, as well as the conventions for
incorporating information from Internet-based resources.
Any materials drawn from resources are properly cited and
documented in APA format.
Reference list is provided in APA format.
Demonstrates how to appropriately organize work per APA
formatting with the use of headings – start this assignment with an
APA Level 1 heading titled: Implications of Rural Nursing Theory
in the Rural Population.
No title page required.
Organization is clear and coherent; order and structure are present;
clear sequencing and paragraphing.
Contains rare punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization errors. 4
Writing is clear and focused. Reader can easily understand the main
idea. The main idea is incorporated into the text in a manner
appropriate for the practice of nursing.
Integrated two professional resources into the paper. 2
Paper is 1-2 pages in length. 3
*If collaborating in a team, all team members must submit this assignment in their
assignment dropbox.
3) Checklist: A checklist has been created for you own personal use in each module in
NURS 434. If you choose to use the checklist tool, it may provide you with a system


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