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NURS 434 Southwest Minnesota State University Module 3 Recruitment and Retention Strategies Discuss

i Discussion 2 (20 points)
a. Assignment not a collaborative team assignment. To be completed individually by
each student.
b. Following review of the Readings/Resources provided for you, and viewing of the
NURS 434 Discussions Review Video in Module 3, post a response to one of
the questions listed below. Be sure to follow the discussion rubric guidelines found
in the NURS 434 syllabus, Appendix A. Please note the due dates for postings in the
NURS 434 schedule provided. It is important to know that as your instructor, I am
sensitive to your busy schedules with family, work, and school. There are due dates
for postings, created to allow productive discussions between yourself and your peers.
If you ever feel that meeting a due date creates a significant challenge for you, please
let me know and we will discuss an alternative plan for you. If I do not hear from you,
the grading criteria for late submissions will be followed.
c. After the student completes their initial posting, and has responded to at least two
other students, the student will self-grade their discussion using the discussion quiz,
located within NURS 434 Module 5 content area. The student’s self grade will be
reviewed by the course instructor for accuracy, and adjusted as needed.
You may choose to respond to one of the questions below:
Question 1: Recruitment and retention of rural healthcare providers is key for the rural
population to access quality healthcare. What are three recruitment strategies, supported
in the literature, that would be effective for rural healthcare providers? What are three
retention strategies, supported in the literature, that would be effective for rural healthcare
providers? In your opinion, what do you believe would be the most effective recruitment
or retention strategy and why?
Question 2: Recruitment and retention strategies need to be created uniquely to meet
rural healthcare provider needs. What incentive policies are available to recruit and retain
nurses in rural healthcare settings? Have these incentive policies been effective? If you
could create an incentive policy on your dream list to help recruit and retain nurses in
rural healthcare settings– what would it be and why?


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