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Nursing Program at the Nicklaus Children Hospital Discussion

I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Hi Henry, I have worked with you in the past and have had a great experience before. Would you like to assist me in helping me write a speech for my ceremony that I must say? 

My topic is “We are MDC” 

The theme for your speech is WE ARE MDC.  Speak about How MDC has changed your life or made your life’s dream a reality.  Speak about it has help your classmates in achieving their dreams.  Speak about the friendships made at MDC, Joys and the sorrows of MDC.  

Speak about MDC pride and being an MDC nursing graduate. 

I can provide you will a bit of information and details of my experience and you can add it all together and create an amazing speech. Are you in? 

I started in MDC in 2016 right after high school. Coming for a private school I was not used to the “college” life but made friends along the way. I always said I wanted to work in the healthcare feild specifically a Pediatrician Oncologist. I began volunteering at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and shortly realized how much work and effort nurses put and decided to switch and go into the nursing field. Miami Dade College made that possible for me. I remember thinking that I was not going to get accepted for the nursing program and one day late at night I got the email saying congratulations that I was accpeted and I woke up my entire house.

A sorrow I had, During my second semester, I had a hard time juggling Medical Surgical and Pharmacology. I remember the numerous times I would cry my guts out because I would fail Pharmacology exams. I ended up not passing the class and told myself that this was not for me. I wanted to quit nursing school but then I started thinking on if I quit so easily like that, imagine when I am actually in the field. I ended up getting help back one semester but kept going and gave it all I had and now I am proud that I am standing here today with my classmates who some have become family. 


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