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NYU Middle Eastern British Policy and The Palestine Mandate Discussion

Please respond to THREE of the following four responses with an essay of 300-450 words per response—no more, no less. Your essay will show an understanding of the material and demonstrate your ability to contextualize. Your essays MUST make specific citations to any of the assigned textbooks for the course, as well as class lectures and/or discussions. An excellent essay will develop a clear line of argument and/or narrative using concrete examples from our course material.

*Please be sure to answer the question as it was asked
*Please submit your essay via email to both of us, in .doc or .docx format

The prompts are as follows:

1: In what ways did British policy contribute to growing instability in the Palestine mandate during the interwar period? Your answer should consider wartime promises, immigration policies, and socio/political factors on the ground. It should also identify and characterize at least two concrete examples of events that illustrate your points.

2: Describe the emergence of modern Turkey from the Ottoman Empire. Your answer should explain the role of nationalism and its tragic consequences on minority populations, describe/characterize and key individuals, and discuss some of the key steps taken after the establishment of the republic

3: Explain the circumstances that enabled the rise of Gamal Abd al-Nasir in Egyptian politics, describe and characterize the nature of his rule in Egypt, his evolving position within the region, and the characteristics of “Nasserism”

4: What are the origins of contemporary Islamic extremist fundamentalism, which have been described as Salafist Jihadism?
Describe the origins of these schools in 19th century Egyptian reform, and in the 18th century Arabian peninsula. In both cases, follow the developments up into the 20th century in each cultural area, and then show them meeting in Saudi Arabia in the mid-to late 20th century. Then, describe several mutations and reconfigurations of these Salafist Jihadist groups, and their impacts up to the present.


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