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Oakland University Linguistics Discussion

Question 1: Speech as a marker of group identity

Have you ever felt an immediate sense of camaraderie with a person just from hearing the way that they talk? Why? Did it remind you of home? Did it make you feel like that person might have a similar background or some shared aspects of identity? Has anyone ever commented on the way that you speak? What did they say? Was it positive, negative, or neutral? If so, how did it make you feel? How did you respond?
Note: Please answer all of the above questions in your response.

Part 2:

Please Type a 2-3 sentence basic feedback response on each of these 2 answers as well.

1. Emily’s Response: I have had a sense of comradery with my sister, Anna. Yes, we have grown up with each other, however my boyfriend says that her and I have our won language with each other. He even calls her “Lur” because when we talk to each other we will add that ending onto words like “Hellur”. We do this in a jokingly manner of course but I thought that it would be a good example for this! It reminds me of home because in a way, she is my home! We do have a similar background, we have the same background. I think the main person that has pointed it out was my boyfriend, Michael. He points it out in a good way because he thinks its funny. I think this is also a good example of how people generally speak the languages of the people around them.

2. Kendall’s Response: I have felt an instant sense of camaraderie with a person just from hearing the way that they talk. I remember someone from a class I took at OCC someone said something across the lines of why they held a certain opinion on a film we watched and I had held the same opinion. It did not necessarily remind me of home but I could just relate to them. It did make me feel like we shared the same background or shared some sense of identity since we held the same core values. People have said that I speak clearly or bluntly before. In that sense they meant it in a positive way since nobody else would give them the real answer. It made me feel good since they could count on me to tell them the truth. I just told them that I would tell them the truth in any given situation and that i was glad to help


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