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Ohio University Humorists Belief that Yellows Bile Was Linked to Poor Moods Responses

Individuals personality and values have an important implication in the workplace and can be used in the conjunction with another metrics in order to predict the outcomes which is relevant to an organization such as the job performances. Instruments for assessing the personality and the values can thus be potent tools in the hiring and the promotion processes. Personality can be defined as a relatively enduring the structures and the prosperities within an individual that can explain their generalized affective, cognitive and the behavioral tendencies. Values which reflect the preferences for certain situations, objects, goals or behaviors overs others (Klinger & Mallon, 2015).

A subtle yet important distinction between personality and values is that the former describes one’s social reputation, whereas the latter describes one’s preferences. There are three important factors that have accounted for increased optimism and the research regarding the role of the personality in the workplace. First one is longitudinal studies which reveals the stability of the personality over time and the impressive relationships between the personality and the outcomes measured years apart put to rest the several criticisms regarding the illusory nature of this construct (Klinger & Mallon, 2015).

Question – 1

Describe the Big Five personality dimension of emotional stability and discuss how it can predict behavior at work.

The five personality dimension of emotional stability are neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness. The neuroticism is a measure affect and an emotional control. The low levels of the neuroticism which mainly indicates an emotional stability whereas high levels of the neuroticism can increase the likelihood of an experiencing the negative emotions. The extraversion-introversion dimension contrasts an outgoing character with a withdrawn nature. The extraverts tends to be more physically and also verbally active whereas an introverts are more independent and also reserved, steady and like being alone. The person in the middle of the dimension which mainly likes a mix between the social situations and also solitude. Openness to experience is seems to be a measure of depth, breadth and the variability in a person’s imagination and also the urge for an experiences (Heinstrom, 2003).

The agreeable scale is linked to the altruism, nurturance , caring and emotional support versus competitiveness , hostility , indifference , self- centeredness , spitefulness and the jealousy. Agreeable people can be described as the gentle, kind, sympathetic and also warm.The conscientiousness is a measure of goal directed behavior and also the amount of control over impulses.It has been linked to the educational achievement and the particularly to the will to achieve. The focused person concentrates on a limited number of goals but strives hard to reach them, while the flexible person is more impulsive and easier to persuade from one task to another (Heinstrom, 2003).


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