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Ohio University Testimony of Affordable Care Act Question

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The Testimony: You are asked to prepare testimony that your CEO can read and provide in written format to the committee. The testimony should address those aspects of ACA about which your health system feels strongly. You can probably only address three or four issues, so you must choose those that could have most impact (positive or negative) on your system if ACA is repealed. You must take a stand on whether Allen Care System supports repeal or not. You might like to view some examples of testimony given in reference to other ACA topics or other health care issues.

We provided a short guide to preparation of testimony with several examples of testimony to guide you. The committee will hear testimony that is no longer than seven minutes.

You have become well versed about the ACA with a focus on the HAC provision. CMS recognizes your system’s obvious challenges in compliance with ACA and the importance of the Allen Care System to the communities it serves. Ms Dewitt has been asked to testify before Congress about the impact of ACA repeal on your system.

Ms Dewitt knows that you have become well versed about the details of ACA during your “service” on the Health Policy Task Force (and your policy course in your MHA program). She has asked each of the Health Policy Task Force members to prepare a draft for her to consider using in her testimony before Congress. She will choose the best one or the best parts of several. She expects you to prepare this from your own educational and experiential perspective with the best interests of Allen Care System at heart. For this purpose, only total repeal without replacement is being considered.


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