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Ohlone College Analysis of Contemporary Violin Recordings Discussion

1 part 1

Essay question;

Which instrument would you play? Choose the violin, viola or cello and research and find a concerto written for that instrument from each of these eras. Make sure the dates of composition fit the era, however, there were many composers that lived in the 20th century that still wrote in a very romantic style!




20th century

21st century

Write an essay of 500 words or more and Include information about the form of each concerto, such as the number of movements it has and it’s titles, as well as the form of the individual movements. For example, does the 20th century composer use “Sonata Form” like the composer of the late 18th century (Classical Era). Did sonata allegro form exist in the Baroque Era?

Of course include who wrote each concerto.

At the end of the essay state whether this instrument was widely used in the Renaissance Era or if not what its predecessor was. Be precise, this essay is “genre” specific – do your research!

part 2:

“Eroica” What would it have been like to hear a first performance of a Beethoven Symphony? We are going to watch a historically accurate account of the private premier of Beethoven’s Third Symphony.

What is really important is that you take the time to watch this movie and take in the performance. The performance is done by a small group playing period instruments of Beethoven’s time. Notice the horns have no valves. A colleague of mine is the leader of the group. He is a great violinist but must not be a good actor – given a chance for a line – he just grunts! Watch the movie and answer the following questions.

Please write your answers in full sentences. Upload your document – the assignment is due Monday, May 3rd, by end of day.

1. In who’s home does this movie take place?

2. What is his relationship to Beethoven?

3. What does Beethoven mean when he says he is taking a “new direction or path”?

4. What is the relationship of the young man that accompanies Beethoven throughout the movie?

5. What is his name?

6. Who is the last guest to arrive?

7. This last guest, what does he say about the future of music – what is the line?

8. At what time in the movie does each of the four movements start. Use the YouTube time stamp.

9. What are the names for each movement. They are Italian words indicating the feel and tempo. You will need to research this – Wikipedia is a good source.


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