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OSH 4308 Columbia Southern University Accident Causation & Investigation Report

Accident Causation and Investigation 

Prepare a project report using the attached  Unit VI Consulting Report template for your project, and complete the template based on the following information:

Part I: List the five most significant financial benefits for an organization to invest in a safety system or program.

Part II: Acme Construction is due for a workers’ compensation premium review and you have been asked to estimate the potential premiums for the coming year. You have 10 masonry employees (classification—5022) with a rate of $7.96; four plumbers (classification—5183) with a rate of $3.86); and two electricians (classification—5190) with a rate of $4.32. The total payroll for the three classifications are as follows:

  • 5022 masonry $416,000 (total annual payroll)
  • 5183 plumbers $208,000 (total annual payroll)
  • 5190 electricians $145,600 (total annual payroll)

The previous experience modification rate (EMR) was 1.0 because the company had only been in business for 3 years and the EMR is based on a 3-year rolling average. In those previous 3 years, your company had zero claims and you can anticipate that your company will have a reduction in the EMR to at least 0.90. However, you have not received notification of this new EMR, so base your overall premium calculations on an EMR of 1.0

Part III: Using the results from the 1.0 EMR premium estimate, calculate the rate to one of a 0.9 EMR and then a EMR 1.25 rating. Compare both of them to the previous EMR of 1.0 and show in a table as was depicted in the unit lesson.

Part IV: Provide a summary of the energy release theory of accident causation.

Part V: Explain the near-miss relationship as referenced in Figure 20.7 of your textbook in your own words.

Ensure you address all parts of the template. Your project should be at least three pages in length using the above template. Make sure you show your equations and all work for determining answers for Parts II and Parts III in the project template. 


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