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OSU 324 Glendale Community College American Studies Question

I’m working on a American Studies question and need guidance to help me study.

I need your help; Consider yourself to be a humanitarian on the hunt for what has been revealed, or concealed, about what really happened to African-Americans (slave or free). Focus on just one of these groups and a specific issue; the more specific you are, the more effective your argument will be. If you need an idea as to what we are learning in the class take a quick look at these links as they were introduced in the class and talks about salvery:… and…

Just to give you an idea The paper will consist of two parts:

  • The first part of your paper (about four pages) should be an exploration of the issue in depth;
  • The second part of your paper will be your assessment of why all this happened, who or what is to blame (as well as deserve credit), and how this issue might be a factor in current perception today. Since your assessment should be about two or more pages, be sure and explain your rationale fully and point to specifics from your exploration to help validate what you are asserting.

So, to be clear, the paper will be about six to eight pages in length, which includes both parts mentioned above.

Again, Your first goal is to come up with a research question that can prompt your writing project. This focused thinking question is an inquiry that helps you reduce the scope of your topic to something you can accomplish in six to eight pages. You want to first focus on what genuinely interests you to develop an approach to the topic that is unique and original for readers through in-depth analysis based on critical thinking.  Writing from a place of genuine inquiry will help you see a need for gathering outside sources and sustain your development of a thesis for readers to take away.


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