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Park University Finance Discussion

I can not get the video to upload just please do your best with what other students have said.

Unit 8: Discussion

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We will have a live video chat early in the week with a representative from the AFCPE. If possible, please attend it live. If you are unable to do that, we will record the session and post it no later than the following day.

For your discussion post, simply describe your thoughts on the presentation.

Submission Requirem

Initial Post

  • 150-200 words
  • include citations if applicable

Peer Response

  • must be substantive and should be at least 100 words
    • Note that substantive peer responses must expand on the discussion and contribute to the conversation. “Good job” and “I agree” are not substantive peer responses. Examples of substantive peer responses include highlighting and expanding on a specific point, asking thoughtful questions that extend the conversation, or presenting an opposing perspective.
  • include citations if applicable

Due Dates

  • First post due 11:59 p.m., Thursday CT
  • Respond to two or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT

Student 1

I attended the zoom meeting and I know I do not have to make an initial post, but I wanted to share what I learned. After this class I will be able to take the AFCPE tests by submitting my transcripts as I have taken the two classes which is this class and FI201 personal financial planning. The CFP requires more classes but I already have the classes done for that one. I just need to take a review course for the CFP test. The main thing is there is a job I would like to apply for and if I got my AFC certification I could apply for the job. I have to wait to take the CFP test and I am planning to take it in November, but If I could get my AFC certification sooner I could apply for the job and get to work sooner. I thought the presentation helped me as I found out new information that I needed to know and there are different types of employees that hire financial counselors such as credit unions and banks, and education institutions. There are also less hours of experience required to obtain the AFCPE certification.

Student 2

The presentation was very well put together. I think the presentation did a good job reflecting the APC core competencies and values. The certification program was well explained and gave me more confidence to pursue this track since it goes tandem with classes offered by Park University. Additionally, the NCAA accreditated the program, which was also explained to accredit the CFP designation, showing that the program is vetted and recognized in the financial community. Things that I found interesting about the presentation were that the AFC had been around since 1993 and the range of work you can participate in if choosing to take this track. These tracks ranged from the programs as mentioned from earlier readings in our textbook. A question I did have since I was unable to see it clearly in the presentation was the AFC continuum of care. If anyone could pick that up clearly, I would love to see the breakdown on it. Lastly, I want to make a note of the three-year deadline for completing and maintain certification. The 1000 hours of documented experience with contributed hours from your academic workload seemed a very fair incentive to work towards this program. I have become sold on this program and think Ms. Sparrish did an excellent job with the presentation.


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