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Park University Love and Romantic Relationship Between Different Individuals Paper

You will begin to build upon your depiction of development in film project with this assignment, which covers developmental ranging from 13-40 years of age. Given the age of the characters in your chosen film based upon information from your text, conduct research on concepts and theory that you might expect to find in your film. Your research should directly apply to the characters you are planning on observing. Although there is no need to watch your entire film at this point, you may want to find a trailer if the film is unfamiliar to you. Summarize information from your text, at least one peer reviewed article, and at least one magazine/newspaper article published in the last 5 years. Be sure to incorporate key developmental milestones/concepts/theories for physical, cognitive and psychosocial development you would anticipate occurring in your film. Note: This assignment is your research only, not your film observation. You will be using this research in your paper to support your observations in your film paper next week. Your instructor will provide you detailed feedback on your assignment once it is submitted and graded. You will need to incorporate this feedback into your final paper.


In a 1-2 page paper, describe in detail at least one physical, cognitive, and psychosocial milestone/concept/theory ranging from age 13-40, applicable to the characters in your film you intend on observing, supported by references from your text, and at least one peer reviewed article and one magazine/newspaper article published in the last 5 years. Below are a few examples of concepts and theory that are applicable to your age range and perhaps your characters: 

  • Physical: Growth, puberty, motor skill development, athletics, health and illness, nutrition, physical functioning, sexuality and reproduction
  • Cognitive: Cognitive stages, moral development, learning, education, career, stress
  • Psychosocial: Identity development, the impact of family/peer/sibling relationships, moral development, sexuality, love, romantic relationships


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