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Pasadena City College A Class Divided Symbolic Interactionism Sociology Questions

Specific AssignmentA Class Divided (available on YouTube).After watching the documentary, A Class Divided (available on YouTube and posted on CANVAS), your assignment will be to apply the three theoretical perspectives (symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, and structural functionalism) to race and ethnic relations. You will define each theory as it applies to race and ethnicity. Next, you will give examples from the film as it relates to the theory. For each theory, you should have at least 2 examples (more if possible) from the film to explain the context. Be analytic when applying the theories and concepts to the film. In some instances, you will use quotes from the film as examples and to explain your application and analysis; all other information should be in your own words. Each of you should specifically apply the terms/concepts to examples from the film (do not just note the terms in your definitions of the theories).Paper OrganizationYou will begin your paper with an introductory paragraph about the documentary oYou will explain the 3 theories (symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, and structural functionalism) at it relates to race and ethnicity The body of your paper will consist of applying the 3 sociological theories to the film. You can choose to dedicate one paragraph per theory; discuss the issues and examples presented in the film as it relates to the theory and incorporate other applications (terms, concepts, and data from lecture/textbook) within these paragraphs. oYou should have a minimum of two examples from the film in each themed paragraph. Make sure you specifically state the theory you are discussing at the beginning of each paragraph and that you define the theory in your own words before you begin applying it to the film. Lastly, you will have a conclusion paragraph (incorporate application from class where necessary)NotesEach paper must be typed, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt font, and 1 inch margins. Minimum of 3 pages.Writing Tips:Do not write in the first or second person (“I” or “you” unless you are quoting the film).Do not use contractions (use “cannot” instead of “can’t” unless you are quoting the film).Proofread your paper! (Sometimes it helps to read your paper out loud for clarity)


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