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Pasadena City College Pandemic Project Shark Tank Presentation


If you have not seen the ABC television show, Shark Tank, you will need to watch an episode before you begin this project just to get the concept of it. The new shows typically air on Fridays on ABC or you can watch it for free on their website at: oron YouTube. They also have “Shark Tank” reruns on CNBC to air older episodes. The show is about everyday people who create new products, businesses, ideas, etc. and pitch their company to millionaire and billionaire investors in hopes of getting a “Shark” to invest.

This assignment is for each student to create their own product or idea that relates to children and to children’s creativity and to set up a business as if you are selling the idea to the Shark Tank judges. It must be a product or project you can create for children during our current pandemic. We have seen such creativity during the past 1½ yrs. because we have had to see it. There are so many different ideas that may come to mind because of the pandemic.

So, not only are you designing the product but also the business itself:

  • 1) Who will benefit from the product/idea?
  • 2) What are the benefits of it once people buy it?
  • 3) How will you market it?
  • 4) How will you sell it?
  • 5) How do you get the “Sharks” to be interested and invest in it?
  • 6) What will be the cost for you to make it and for people to buy it? 7) How will it benefit children/families during the pandemic?

This is your opportunity to be creative not only with the product/idea itself but with your own business! Remember, this is your product/idea….not anybody else’s that you find on Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. When you design your product, you will also include how much investment you are looking for from the Sharks and what percentage of your company you will give to them in exchange for their investment ($100,000 for 15% equity). When you see an episode of the program if you have not already, this will make sense.


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