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Pasco Hernando State College Chapter 7 Collaboration Information Systems Worksheet

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Read the assigned chapters AND review the information in the Modules area for the chapters (may include additional articles / videos)

Download the attached Reading Exercise Worksheet – Reading Exercise Worksheet Ch 7-8.docx Download Reading Exercise Worksheet Ch 7-8.docx

  1. Rename the worksheet following this naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial_chapter#RE.docx (example: WarnerB_1-2RE.docx would be the name for my chapter 1 & 2’s reading exercise submission)
  2. Complete the attached Reading Exercise Worksheet

Submit to this assignment (.doc or .docx files only).

Once submitted, check your upload. Download your submission file to a different folder and open it to be sure you submitted the correct document, etc.

**Note – this is submitted via TurnItIn, so be sure you have used all of your own words – no quotes from articles, no copying / pasting. If a Reading Exercise has a poor TurnItIn score, all other submitted work will be reviewed as well.


Reading Exercise Rubric – Ch 7 & 8

Reading Exercise Rubric – Ch 7 & 8


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSubmitted on-time and matches assignment instructions & TurnItIn score ok. Late assignments, -5% / day, up to 1 week. Overall grades may be adjusted based on TurnItIn scores. See the instructions for more on this.

  1. 0 pts
  2. Full Marks
  3. 0 pts
  4. No Marks
  5. 0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFIRST CHAPTER: Ch 7 Collaboration Info Systems. 5 Take-away paragraphs: Each should be at least 75 words of your own content / thoughts. You can include how a specific take-away impacts your career / life, etc. Points deducted if short, missing elements, lack effort. Please, no quotes / cutting / pasting / repeating verbatim from the text / other sources.


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