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PBSC WK 8 Martinez Trauma Informed Care Presenting Issues Case Study

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  • Consider the presenting issues and developmental implications of your assigned client, aged 30–65.
  • Using the Walden Library, locate 1–2 recent (5 years or less) peer reviewed articles related to the issues and challenges facing your middle adult client.
  • Summarize the client that you were assigned. Describe the developmental challenge(s) associated with that client.
  • Describe two potential counseling goals to help address these challenges, and one developmentally-supportive intervention that would support these goals from a wellness perspective.
  • Where appropriate, be sure to highlight any significant biological, cultural, or environmental influences, paying particular attention to considerations for pair-bonding and career influences, as applicable to your client.
  • Justify your response with references to this week’s Learning Resources and 1–2 peer-reviewed articles from the past 5 years.

Note: Identify the last name of your assigned client family in the title of your post.



Miguel Martinez (M, 57 years)

Presenting Issues:

Miguel is seeking counseling at the insistence of his wife, who believes he needs to “talk about (his) feelings.” Miguel states that the devastating tornado that ripped through this area a couple weeks ago severely damaged his home, resulting in a total loss. Miguel states his family was safe, but his best friend—who lived just a couple blocks away—was killed when the friend’s house collapsed. Miguel also lost his supervisor and long-time friend at the post office in the tragedy. He acknowledges that “of course (he) was sad at first,” but now he’s OK. He does not think that his difficulty sleeping lately or his decision to relinquish his position in the church has anything to do with the natural disaster.

Miguel also shares that he has been thinking a lot lately about taking an early retirement from his job and “doing something more meaningful,” but he doesn’t know what that would be. He has realized how little value their “stuff” had after most of it was lost in the tornado, and he is in no rush to replace things. According to Miguel, his wife believes he must be depressed or in shock still, since he is talking in a way he never has before. However, Miguel insists that he “can finally see things clearly.”

Cultural Profile:

The family is Latinx. They are Seventh-Day Adventists, and prior to the tornado, both Miguel and his wife held leadership positions in the church. Miguel has taken a leave of absence from his church duties, and as of now reports that he does not intend to go back. Miguel also shared that his wife believes he is having a “crisis of faith” but that he will soon “see the light.”

Family History:

Both Miguel and his wife come from very large extended families, with many relatives living in the area. The extended family often spends holidays and events together. Miguel and his wife have three children: Gabby (F, 29), Christina (F, 22), and Tommy (M, 16). Tommy has Down syndrome; both Christina and Tommy live at home with Miguel and Miguel’s wife, Jeannette (F, 59 years). Gabby lives nearby and was not harmed by the tornado.



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