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PC The Spatial Pattern of A Given Distribution Question

I’m working on a geography practice test / quiz and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1. How do geographers use the idea of a region to describe spatial patterns? How do concepts such as borderlands; shatterbelts; and core, domain, and sphere add complexity to the regional idea?

2. What is generally meant by the term civilization, and how does the concept help us understand the social, cultural, and political-economic changes associated with the Neolithic agricultural revolution? How was the idea of civilization alternatively used by Samuel Huntington to try to understand the unmaking/remaking of the “world order” at the end of the 20th Century?

3. What are the distinctive features of Mediterranean horticulture, and how does this represent a variation of the western Afro-Eurasian center/hearth of agrarian civilization? How does this and other traditional systems of farming remain relevant in a modern age when the vast majority of people live in cities and get their food from the market and the restaurant?

4. What do nomadic pastoralism and foraging have in common geographically? That is, in what kinds of environments are they practiced, and thus how are they similarly threatened by the modern world? Despite their geographic similarity, how are they nonetheless very different modes of subsistence, located in history on opposite sides of the Neolithic agricultural revolution?

5. What is the cultural landscape, and how do geographers use the concept to help them make sense of the world as a planet inhabited by people? How do geographers similarly use the idea of place, but how, too, is place a distinct idea?

6. Describe three different ways that geographers define location, illustrating with specific examples. How do these various ways of defining location help us answer the basic geographical questions of “Where?” and “Why There?” in different ways?


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