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PCC Biology ER Cases Analyses Discussion

I need an explanation for this Biology question to help me study.

#1 This lovely lady was walking home from the grocery store on a sunny, Saturday morning. She couldn’t find her tennis shoes so she slid into her slippers and headed out the door. On the way home, she took a detour because the sun was blazing hot. She didn’t notice that water was on the side walk and she slipped and fell. Immediately, she heard a crack in her hip and felt instant pain. Luckily, there were some kids playing ball in the street and they called for emergency help.

When she reaches the ER, she is in excruciating pain. Her hip is dark red and blue due to bruising. She can’t move and the pain is so bad that she can barely talk. The attending doctor informs her that she broke her hip and would need to spend a few days in the hospital until she gets better.

As a nurse, you arrived at work when the lady was first brought into the hospital. The doctor assigns you to this patient as they begin to treat. After she is placed in a cast, she is put on a blood thinner and sent to her room for recovery. You complete your shift and go home. The next day you come to work, you have been informed that the patient has died. The family of the patient is sitting in the waiting room and wants an explanation. You review the patient’s chart and find the following:

History of osteoporosis, low vitamin D levels, calcium 6.0 ( look up normal calcium levels in the blood) eats a poor diet, does not like to spend much time in the sun.

Give an explanation as to what happened to the patient? Why was she put on blood thinners?

#2 This young lady ventured off too far and got swept in the ocean by a big current. She lost her cell phone and flare. She has no way of contacting others for help. She is stranded in the ocean for 2 weeks and has now ran out of water. Why is it unsafe for here to lean over her kayak and drink the salty, ocean water? Use the terms hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic in your explanation.

#3 Must explain and draw the process of diffusion and osmosis.


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