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PCC Broken or Vernacular Forms of The English Language Question

I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

  1. What Concepts and Vocabulary You Learned: Jot down 5 words or references you looked up on the Wikipedia (ideas, historical events, social and political movements, etc.) or in the dictionary, and put in your own words what they mean or refer to.
  2. What Makes Sense to You – Jot down 3 or 4 things you think you understand from this part of the reading. It could be something the writer is trying to convey as an argument, or new idea, a way the writer thinks about something or it could just be something factual.
  3. What Confuses You – Pick a sentence or a paragraph from the reading where you felt especially lost and indicate which one it was here. You don’t have to copy it down. Just write “third paragraph on page 29” or “the sentence that begins with … on page 32.” Then try to form 2 or 3 questions about it – e.g. “What does he mean when the text says …?” You might use one of the sentence frames from the sentence frame handout to help you form your questions.
  4. What You Think This Text Is About: Any time a writer writes something it is because he or she is trying to change the way you think or feel or about something or change the way you understand something. For this section, jot down how you think the author is trying to change your thinking about something in this part of our reading.
  5. Your “Golden Line” and Why You Picked It – Pick a sentence or two from the reading that stands out to you. It could stand out to you because you agree with it, because it reminds you of something in your own experience, because you hate it or disagree with it, or for some other reason. Jot it down here and write 2 or 3 sentences about why you picked it.


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