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PED 116 Northern Virginia College Diet Consisting of Vegetables and Fruits Paper

Health Care reform is here…was here …where is it? It took more than 75 years to bring changes … political bickering…Supreme Court involvement…elections…more elections…more political bickering, and it is still going on! What a long process! This semester, you participated in your own health reform and brought changes a lot faster. Now that you know how easy it can be, how do you think society should handle individual responsibility for health care? Answer question #1 and any two of the policy questions; then respond to two of your classmates’ policy discussions. One response should be to someone with whom you agree, and the other response should be to someone with whom you disagree, and both should be more substantial than “Me, too” or “I agree” type responses. If you do not disagree with anyone, pretend that you do and provide points that someone with that opinion would provide. Remember, it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Show the politicians that it is possible to debate the issues without being hostile. Netiquette is a must here.

1. How has this course affected your fitness and wellness understanding? Do you feel that you know more now than you did at the beginning of the semester? If you already knew a lot about fitness and wellness, did the course reinforce what you knew? What is the most important information you will remember from the course?

2. Should people who do not exercise and eat nutritiously pay more for health insurance? What about people who smoke cigarettes? Should people who exercise and eat nutritiously receive discounts on health insurance?

3. Do you think health care should be free for everyone, including people who do not practice preventive health? Should there be a minimal charge for everyone?

4. Should there be a “health tax” on soft drinks and fast food?


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