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In the T&E acquisition process, configuration control is extremely important and our text describes Configuration Control as having a methodical like approach to proposals, justifications, evaluations, coordination, proposed changes, and its implementations. Before configuration control, there was configuration management which was first developed by the United States Air Force for the Department of Defense in the 1950s as a technical management discipline of hardware but has since been adopted by both technical and management processes. Configuration Management is defined as a technical and management process applying appropriate resources, processes, and tools to establish and maintain consistency between the product requirements, the product, and the associated product configuration information. (Gurule & Christensen, 2015) In configuration control, the government has overall control throughout the entire process where no changes can occur without having proper government approval, first. Our text states that the configuration control function will ensure that once approved, thus said changes will be released, regulated and proper documentation of the impacts will be noted. Before, changes are implemented with Configuration Items (CI) configuration baselines are first developed.

Further research shows that these management processes benefit the T&E community in three ways (1) the baseline to be used for testing is determined (2) changes that occur to the baseline as a result of testing and design reviews are incorporated into the test article before the new phase of testing (to prevent retest of a bad design) (3) CM produces statistically significant sample sizes that give greater confidence in the final T&E results. Also, changes that occur to the baseline as a result of the testing and design reviews are incorporated into the test article prior to the new phase of testing (to prevent retest of bad design). Ultimately the government is responsible for the performance and configuration of any system and equipment that it procures, acquires and operates due to the fact that hiccups or mistakes with the taxpayer’s money are very costly.


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First let me start by apologizing for the late post, my work schedule got the best of me this week and required several long days in row not permitting me very much time to complete the forum posting on Thursday. After reading through this week’s required material I have gained a good understanding of why configuration control is important during the acquisition life cycle. The MIL-STD-973states that, “Configuration control is the systematic proposal, justification, evaluation, coordination, approval or disapproval of proposed changes, and the implementation of all approved changes, in the configuration of a CI after establishment of the configuration baseline(s) for the CI” (Best Manufacturing Practices, n.d.). Configuration control is basically a way to inform and prepare all parties involved with a specific CI of changes that will have to be made. By ensuring all parties of the changes that will occur, helps with the understanding of how contract deliveries and scheduled contract milestones can change. Configuration control will help reduce and/or eliminate any problems that could arise as the program continues to progress through the acquisition all the while providing the government with benefits such as interoperability capabilities, cost savings, and even identify shortcomings that the program may have been experiencing. There are eight different elements that contractors are responsible for maintaining in the configuration and control process. These eight different elements cover things ranging from the determination of a need for a change to the implementation of the change in accordance with the contract.



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