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Pennsylvania State University Body Fat Data Hypothesis Paper

For this section of your scientific project, you are expected to provide ALL of your data collection. At the top of your paper, please restate (in one single sentence) your hypothesis to clearly identify your independent and dependent variables. If your hypothesis is not restated, you will receive a ZERO.

Please use the following 3 subheadings to receive full credit:

1. Hypothesis

  • Restate your hypothesis at the beginning of the page.

2. Reflection

  • You will be expected to present 1-2 paragraphs of reflection on the process of collecting data. This section must be written in complete sentences in order to receive credit.
  • Possible questions to answer in this reflection include:
    • How has data collection been going?
    • Have you been sticking with your independent variable as consistently as you outlined in your methods?
    • Are you noticing any differences in your dependent variable? (It’s perfectly OK if nothing has changed — give a few guesses as to why this may be.) •
    • What have you found to be the most difficult part about data collection?
    • What has been easier than you expected? •
    • What have you learned so far? If you choose to discuss other scientific articles in your reflection, they MUST be cited appropriately in APA format.Discussing other scientific articles is not required until the “Discussion” portion of the project. Follow this link for information on APA format for in-text citations and reference lists: (Links to an external site.)

3. Data Collection General Information and Requirements:

  • You will be expected to turn in ALL of the raw data you have collected.
  • There is no expected format for this portion, as everyone will have different ways of collecting data depending on their chosen experiment. However, it is expected that your data be presented clearly. If you have been logging food intake in relation to weight loss, please submit your food log and weight measurements.
  • If you have been working out at the gym, you should be submitting your workout logs.
  • You must submit data demonstrating how you have been monitoring your independent variable, and AT LEAST a starting value for your dependent variable. If you stated in your methods that you were going to measure your dependent variable every week, then you must also include the follow up measurements.
  • All data is typed into a table unless you are using a scale that you can’t type in as shown below.
  • Hypothesis is restated at the top of the page.
  • Tracking of independent variable is clearly identified and labeled.
  • Pre-experiment dependent variable value clearly identified and labeled.
  • Post-experiment dependent variable value clearly identified and labeled.
  • If you collected your dependent variable at intervals between your starting value and your finishing value, you must present this data as well.

Mechanical review: In order for the paper to be graded, it must meet the following criteria:

1) The hypothesis is clearly stated at the top of the page.

2) All of the information is included in 1 single document.

3) The assignment was completed and submitted on time.

The instructions and hypothesis are attached


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