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Pepperdine Are Criminals Rational Decision Makers Criminal Justice Questions

1) Complete chapters 4 &5, then submit a 500-800 words minimum answering any 2 of the listed questions in the “Critical Thinking”section found at the end of both chapter (combining all questions). When writing your section, do not quote directly from the reading, and please properly cite your sources using APA, MLA, or Chicago format. Please submit a PDF with your answers on Canvas using the assignment submission section.

chapter 4

1. Are criminals rational decision makers, or are most of
them motivated by uncontrollable psychological and
emotional drives or social forces such as poverty and
2. Would you want to live in a society where crime
rates were quite low because they were controlled by
extremely harsh punishments, such as fl ogging for
3. Which would you be more afraid of if you were caught by
the police while shoplifting: receiving criminal punishment
or having to face the contempt of your friends or relatives?
4. Is it possible to create a method of capital punishment
that would actually deter people from committing
murder? For example, would televising executions
work? What might be some of the negative consequences of such a policy?

chapter 5

1. If research could show that the tendency to commit crime is inherited, what should be done with the
young children of violence-prone criminals? Would it
be unfair to monitor their behavior from an early age?
2. Considering the evidence on the association between
media and crime, would you recommend that young
children be forbidden to view fi lms with violent content?
3. Knowing what you do about trends and patterns in
crime, how would you counteract the assertion that
people who commit crime are physically or mentally
4. Aside from becoming a criminal, what other career
paths are open to psychopaths?
5. Should sugar be banned from school lunches?
6. Can gender differences in the crime rate be explained
by evolutionary factors? Do you agree that male aggression is linked to mating patterns developed millions of years ago?


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