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Personal Assessment and Personal Reflection Forum Discussion

For some of you, taking an online course is a new experience. For the rest of you, this may be not so new. Despite your experience, do you wonder how you are interacting with course assignments as compared to your classmates? Do you wonder how much time you are spending in Blackboard and if it is “enough” time? Would you like to know how your classmates are scoring on assignments and how much time they are spending on them as compared to you? And finally, do you think knowing this might help you better gauge your work efforts and allow you to do better in the course? Let’s find out.

For this activity, you will need to access the “Check My Activity” dashboard. You can access it under Tools & Resources below “My Grades.” This dashboard will show you the following:

  • Your course accesses (the number of times you log into Blackboard) vs. the class average
  • The number of submissions (assignments, discussion posts,) you submitted vs. the class average
  • Your interactions (the number of clicks) you made vs. the class average
  • The time you have spent in the course (in minutes) as compared to the class average
  • Your current course grade (as reflected in the grade book) vs. the class average.

Forum Activity

Please spend a few minutes scoping out your “Check My Activity” dashboard. Prepare a reflection that focuses on these questions:

  • Do you see any surprises? Although it is early in the course, do you think that the amount of time you are spending in the course is in alignment with the grade you currently are earning? What about your classmates, are they spending more or less time in the course and do you think that this is indicative of your grade?
  • Do you see value in knowing your grade as compared to the class average? Do you think that this tool has personal value to you as you complete the course?


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