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Personal Involvement in Academic Dishonesty Discussion Paper

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Scenario:During our meeting, we discussed your alleged policy violations. During our meeting, you stated you Googled the prompt for your a debate, and found a previous student’s assignment to use as a reference when writing your own. You stated you copied and pasted that text into a document, and accidentally submitted that document as your assignment. You stated you had already added your name and other identifying information at the top of the document when you pasted the reference material into it, which you say explains why your name was on the document of the other student’s text. You also stated you did not make any edits or additions to the other student’s text, and could not explain why did not highlight some sentences and indicate they matched the other student’s assignment. Based on the preponderance of evidence provided to me, I am finding you responsible for engaging in Academic Dishonesty by submitting someone else’s work as your own in your course. Therefore your actions are in violation of section (b.1.A.2) of Section 41301 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

Engaging in cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty violates the standards of the university, and can have serious academic and disciplinary consequences. I will reflect on my involvement in academic dishonesty violations and how to uphold principles of academic integrity. I am required to write a 5-6 page reflection paper addressing the prompts below:

1. Identify and describe my level of responsibility in the incident for which I was sanctioned. How could I have prevented the violation from occurring?

2. How were my actions inconsistent with the University’s expectations of me?

3. What are my career goals and how will my SDSU degree assist me in reaching those goals? (Majoring in Criminal Justice and plan to work as a correctional officer)

4. How might having this violation on my record prohibit me from obtaining my goals? 

5. What do I believe would happen if I engaged in similar behavior in my place of employment after graduation?

6. What advice would I give a new student attending SDSU about upholding the student code of conduct?


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