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Personality Disorder from a Film Character Essay

Step 1

Pick a character from the media (tv, film, books, video games, etc.) who strikes you as exemplifying some aspects of a possible personality disorder.

Step 2
Let us know:
1. Who the character is.
2. Which personality disorder(s) they might fit.
– Remember, the different personality disorders can overlap and be difficult to separate, so it is fine if your character does not fit perfectly. The object is not to find the perfect representative, but simply to think more deeply about how personality disorders can show themselves. If your character does not fit perfectly, you can include that in your description.
3. Tell us which aspects of the diagnostic checklist (found in the textbook or in the lecture slides) apply, and what that looks like with this particular character.
Required length: 300+ words

Step 3
Respond to a peer. Let them know what stuck out to you in their choice and description.
As usual, try to avoid responding to peers who already have multiple responses to their post.
Required length: 75+ words

Write By my classmate

1. The character I chose to do my discussion on is Zuko from Avatar the Last Air Bender, I chose Zuko because he’s a person who displays possible personality disorder to me because of the change of mood and behavior throughout the whole series. Zuko to me fits into the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder because the goal throughout the better half of the whole series is to capture the avatar and make his father happy and accept him once again. The checklist of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Zuko meets is pervasive preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism for his plans and orders, and need for control throughout his whole life. He doesn’t fare well when his life or plans aren’t in his control as we see whenever Aang and the gang escapes his clutches after being moments removed from his grasp or hold, Zuko is seen either hurting his own team or plowing a fury power strike of fire in random directions and yelling at his uncle Iro, the only real true person who loved Zuko with no questions asked no mater what. the perfectionism trait is seen whenever he has to meet with somebody powerful from the fire nation or his father, we the viewers see him making sure his crew, dis own outfit or attire you could say was in tip top form, because he wanted word to get back how proper and dedicated he is to the fire nation’s cause and mission. This in fact makes him a ticking time bomb for his own team because whenever the company leaves, Zuko can be seen scrutinizing his crew so much that in the series, his crew even switches and betrays him, because who wants to serve a lousy boss. So in the end Zuko is king what he ultimately wants, which is to capture the Avatar, but as we see throughout the whole series no one man can capture the Avatar it takes many, because it’s in the name you ould say Avatar, the greatest bender of anyone, master of all the elements, if one man can take him or she down, than that current avatar shouldn’t be the avatar. But Ultimately I feel alot of things Zukko does can be counter productive for him and his ultimate goals.


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