I’m trying to study for my Communications course and I need some help to understand this question.

please follow directions carefully

my 4 letter code was ENTJ

which are E-extraversion




and this is a short description to what my personality is.

Confident and assertive, you speak your mind and always seem to be sure of yourself. While honest and fair, you are also quite outspoken. You have strong opinions and are usually able to convince others that your position is right.

Friendly and comfortable being the center of attention, you probably have a large group of friends. People admire your determination and willingness to push yourself to achieve your very high standards.

A creative person who asks thought-provoking questions, you love to learn but are bored by repetition. You need constant new challenges to remain interested. You are imaginative and like to look beyond everyday routine to really understand why the world operates as it does.

Decisive and organized, you like to be prepared at all times and may find it difficult or embarrassing to try improvising. You like to be in charge, but sometimes take over projects that aren’t really yours. You are frustrated by inefficiency and find illogical rules infuriating.

You want to be good at everything you try. You especially like to demonstrate your competence to others. People look to you as a natural leader and are often impressed with your knowledge. Others respect you and feel comfortable giving you a lot of responsibility.