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PGY 1300C Rasmussen College Module 5 Runsuperfast Magizine Photographic Narrative

For this assignment, you will create a photographic narrative by selecting 4 of the provided images to be placed in the provided Photoshop magazine layout. The 4 photographs will be selected from the collection provided and should be placed into the PSD file where indicated.

  • Crop or scale (proportionally!) the photos where necessary.

You work as a layout designer for RUNSUPERFAST MAGIZINE, you are working on a tight deadline for the November issue, and the feature article is called The Big Race. This article will cover the day’s events of a major Italian road marathon. Your boss, the Editor, asks you to choose the appropriate 4 photos for the layout, including the cover photo. The Writer is still writing and will barely get the copy done in time. However, so that you choose the right photos for the layout, the Writer has given you their rough outline notes so that you can match the photos to the sequence of their story. The Writer’s notes are as follows:

  • The main topic of the story is going to discuss the massive turnout this year.
  • The story will open with describing how serious it was at the starting line.
  • It was incredibly hot out at the race this year, but the heat was broken by a brief rain shower.
  • The artist who designed the award metals studied alongside artist John Baldisseri.

The Project:

Download the ZIP file containing the layout and photographs of the race here.

Open the PSD file and choose a cover photo and three other images to support the text. Replace the black placeholders (or cover the placeholders with a new layer).

  • The layout is 150ppi. Cover image is 1238px wide x 1650 high. Page 2 image is 597px wide x 630 px high; Page 3 images are 567px wide x 670px high and 917px wide x 544px high. Choose an image for the cover that you do not have to scale up (losing resolution).

Export (File > Export > Export As…) the PSD with the new images as a JPG (at 60%).


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