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PHI 1600 St Petersburg College Ethical Responsibilities in Abortion Discussion

Step 1: Locate a recent article (ideally published within the last 6 months) that addresses some element or component of the Abortion topic. Provide a link and citation to the article, and/or provide a PDF attachment of the article as an additional file upload to the Module 11 Dropbox.

Step 2: You will write a short, though well-written, college level paper including each of the elements below.


Use whatever writing format you are most comfortable with (APA, MLA, etc.).

Include your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the date.

Give your paper a title (relating it to the assignment or the case you chose).

Include a Work Cited Page and Word Count.

  • Section 1: Article/Topic Summary
    • In not less than one full paragraph provide a summary of the article. Use content, key terms, and concepts from the textbook chapter in your summary. Do not use direct quotes from the article or the textbook. [Your goal here is to articulate, in your own words, what the author of the article is trying to convey].
  • Section 2: Article vs. Textbook Comparison
    • In not less than one full paragraph, Compare/Contrast the article with this textbook chapter. Be specific. Are there points of agreement or disagreement between the two? Are there concepts or ideas addressed in the article not included in the textbook? You must cite our textbook properly in this paragraph, including the author and page number.
  • Section 3: Reflection
    • In not less than one full paragraph, provide your reaction to the article and the topic more generally. [Your goal here is to reflect on and present your opinions and/or feelings in response].
  • Word Count
    • A minimum word count of 300 is required for this assignment. Include the word count at the end of your final section.
  • Works Cited Page
    • Include proper citations for all sources used

Step 3: Upload your completed paper file to this Dropbox, no later than the posted due date/time. Check your Turnitin originality report and address any issues or concerns.


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