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PHIL 2306 HCC Human Existence Product of Natural Processes Discussion

For a while, I have been studying the a priori human — the pure human, the Dasein: the human without the social trappings and ego-driven aspects of the being who fits into the world of human beasts on this planet. This core human is probably best explored by Martin Heigger:

“Heidegger uses the expression Dasein to refer to the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings. Thus it is a form of being that is aware of and must confront such issues as personhood, mortality and the dilemma or paradox of living in relationship with other humans while being ultimately alone with oneself.” (Wikipedia)

Yeah — heavy stuff.

Our look, our approach, into the Dasein will be THE JUSTIFICATION OF THE SELF.

The are three major parts of this essay:
1) We exist as two selves – the inner and the outer selves;
2) The actions of the outer self “justify” the inner self;
3) As we age, we surrender the inner self to the outer self.
Now, in the common MLA format, please consider the question: “WHAT JUSTIFIES MY EXISTENCE?” I find it rather tiresome that most people feel no need to justify their own existence – they take it as a “given.” And religion does not work: to say “God wants me here, and so I have reason to be,” begs the question of the existence and nature of God — do not use this approach. And people even feel entitled. But, such is not the case. For many folks, life is cheap; but it is not — life, and the time we have, is the most precious thing on (at least) this planet.

Ethics is the study of how we should behave: prescriptive, and the good and bad/right and wrong. This assignments is an effort to tie up all the elements we have looked at over the past few weeks… kind of an effort in purity

Do some research, give me some proof, with all the usual MLA trappings, with at least:
2) At least two examples from other qualified sources


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