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PHIL 2550G University of Western Ontario WK2 Judith Butler & Her Book Gender Trouble Essay

Reflection Question for this Week: In your opinion, what is the most damaging construction of gender that the dominant heterosexual, social-political structures of power imposes upon us (as subjects), and what gender performatives would you see as being the best way to subvert this impositions? And explain why you feel such and be sure to detail the gender performatives.   **An alternative to this reflection question is to pick a celebrity or culture icon that you feel has gender performatives that have been powerful and effective at subverting damaging constructions of gender tied to the dominant heterosexual, social-political structures of power. [You must detail what the damaging constructions are and why they are damaging and to who, then who this chosen person is and what gender performatives they do and how they effectively subvert the dominant heterosexual, social-political structures of power.] 

  • You may speak using the first person.
  • While this is not a super formal piece of academic writing, please follow the usual guidelines of good grammar, spelling, punctuation. Try to structure your reflection so it doesn’t feel like a rant. Execution is key here!  Oh and yes, you may swear if you feel the need to. 
  • To cite readings simply name the author and the page number from the text. Direct quoting is not necessary, summary is always nice, but if you do make sure you clearly show where it comes from. 
  • You may include in your reflection an example in your life, or the media, or film, etc. – a real concrete example to illustrate your reflection. Make sure to include websites or information to cite this example. 
  • If you go over the word limit the is fine. If you are under it, that’s not fine. 
  • Submit your typed reflection, with your name on it, to the DropBox tab here in Owl by Sunday 27 June 11:59pm. If you do a tech-based reflection, you can try to use the DropBox but if it doesn’t allow you to upload there please email it to me by Sunday 27 June 11:59pm. Note: If you need more time to complete this just inform me – i have no issue with late submissions so long as i am aware and you get the required number into me by end of term. 
  • To upload to DropBox, simply click on the tab, and near your name is a drop down menu called “actions” – click it and then you’ll see ‘upload files’. Select that. You don’t necessarily get an email receipt, so if you want to make sure it is there you can email me to say you uploaded it and to confirm it. 
  • As per the syllabus, it is optional to do the reflection this week. You have to do 4 in total over term, and which weeks you do a reflection is up to you.
  • If you choose to submit written reflections, the word count is 750 – 1000 words. The syllabus also provides some tech-based options if you wish to pursue a reflection that is expressed in a medium other than written. 
  • Judith Butler talking about Gender Performing & Gender Performative:

Links shown in the lecture:

Trailer for ‘I am Divine’:

Divine walking:


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