I don’t know how to handle this Philosophy question and need guidance.

Please read carefully and the essay has to meet the requirements

Avoid using a lot of quotes (5 – 6 if necessary)

The main idea is to show in your own words that you understand these philosophical views.

This essay should be consisted of 3 parts: please use simple and straightforward words with clear thoughts. You do not have to use a lot of quotes or references, only when needed. Please make sure that the ideas written about the philosophical views are right.

The essay is not separated into 3 parts, it is just for instructions. The 3 parts should read as one whole essay.

Part 1:

Explain the mind/body problem in depth in your own words (no quotes) and please explain why is it a significant and hard problem in the field of philosophy. Please use specific examples of mental states, and show its relation to mind body problem. Also show the difference between the features of the physical objects and the mental objects. The main idea of this part is to be informative and show why is the mind/body problem significant and hard. Please avoid general claims. Focus on philosophical views and arguments.

Part 2:

Compare and Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of Behaviorism and Dualism, in your own words. Please do not argue for one theory, you will do that in the last part. Simply explain in a straightforward language the strengths and weaknesses of each view. Make sure to explain the arguments fully, and go over their different aspects.

Part 3:

Argue why Behaviorism is more credible, believable, and more practical. Please also mention the criticism of Behaviorism and engage with it. Please use straightforward, clear, and simple language.Argue why logical positivism and its connection to behaviorism, why is it a feature of Behaviorism. The idea of this part is to show why Behaviorism is more credible.