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Pitt Community College Experiences in the Teaching Profession Essay

This assignment has two parts. Follow the instructions below to reflect on the contents of Chapter 13 and record your thoughts in a two – three page paper to be submitted.

Part One: Review the statements in “What I Believe” on page 442 (Edition 7 on page 458) and think about the discussion that followed in your reading of the chapter. How did your personal beliefs at the beginning compare with the discussion that followed “What I Believe”? Were there any surprises for you? What are your beliefs about the realities of being a teacher? Are you still as excited as you were in the beginning? You may have decided that this is not what you want to do after all. If that is true for you, this has been a successful semester. Write about where you are now in your thinking. Tell about your current beliefs and what you see as the realities of becoming a teacher.

Part Two: For this part, I would like for you to focus on pages 465 – 472 (Edition 7 pages 450-455) in Chapter 13.

Looking ahead, you have finished your pre-service education and have been hired to teach the age group you enjoy the most at the school of your choice. You have reached your goal of becoming a teacher, and you are ready to conquer the world.

Fast forward a year. You made it through the first year of teaching. You are a survivor. Just like we have learned about the standards movement that provides guidance in what you need to be teaching and what students need to be learning, standards have been developed for teachers also. Because every year is different and ongoing research keeps us abreast of how to be a more effective teacher, teaching is an ongoing learning process throughout your career. You must be always open to learning new and different ways of doing things.


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