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Pitt Community College W4 Solving Equations and Average Cost Exercises

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Directions: First write an equation to solve each problem and then solve the equation. 

1.        –12 = 2 + 5x + 2x

2.        x + 3 – 3 = –6

3.        –22 = 3 – 2x – 3x

4.        –4x + 10x – 30 = –3x – 39

5.        9.2x + 5.514 = 158.234

6.        –8.38x + 10.71 = 131.382 + 5.98x          (Round to hundredths place)

7.        x – 2.3x + 5 = 4.9                                    (Round to hundredths place)

8.        54.25 = x + 0.025x                                  (Round to hundredths place)

9.  Tyler has 36 pieces of candy he wants to share with his 4 friends.  He first keeps 8 pieces for himself, and then splits the rest among his friends. How many pieces of candy does each friend get?

10.  Krystal’s meal was $13.25 before tax and tip.  If sales tax is 6.25% and she left a 20% tip (before sales tax), what was the final cost of her meal?

11.   A company buys a new car for $13,500.  During the first year, it will depreciate 11.3% of its original value.  What will be its value at the end of the year?

12.  Jackie’s car depreciated in value 12.5% over the past year.  The value of the car this year is $30,253.12.  What was the value of the car last year?  Round the answer to the nearest whole dollar.

13.   Between the years 2000 and 2006, the average cost for auto insurance nationwide grew 27%, to $867.  What was the average cost in 2000?  Round to the nearest dollar.

14.  The balance in a savings account grew by 5% in one year to $5,512.50.  What was the balance at the beginning of the year?

15.  There are 42 members in the math club this year.  This is a 20% increase from last year’s membership.  How many students were in the club last year?


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