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PJM 350 CSUGC Construction Planning and Scheduling Portfolio Project

Portfolio Project Option #2 utilizes a project scheduling software application to develop a project schedule for a construction project. This week’s assignment builds on the two Portfolio Milestones in Weeks 4 and 6. This week you will write a Discussion and Conclusion by doing the following:

  1. Submit the improved version of the as-planned (baseline) schedule (you improve the as-planned schedule based on the feedback received from your instructor on previous portfolio milestone submissions), and in half a page, describe the as-planned schedule and describe the project’s critical path to explain how you arrived at the projected completion date.
  2. Then provide a .pdf version of an updated schedule about the midway point of the schedule. This updated schedule should show that your project is behind schedule. Your updated schedule must show that a minimum of three critical and five near- and/or non-critical activities are behind schedule. (Highlight these activities or make some notes on the schedule to identify these activities.) To update your schedule, you need to assign actual start/finish dates or activity percent completes to completed or in-progress activities. It is up to you to decide how far the project has progressed.
  3. Provide a minimum of a page to discuss what could be done differently to prevent delays from occurring and explain how the schedule can help find the best strategies to complete the project as soon as practically feasible.
  4. In identifying delay-preventing strategies, consider discussing strategies that focus on effective planning and scheduling techniques, evaluating productivity, project monitoring and controlling, and effective financial management. Please include the nodes calculations for the forward and backward pass as well. The critical path needs to be a sequence from the start to the end node. The current critical path doesn’t follow the same sequence. -The table with the activity list needs to include precedences. -There are several tasks in the Gantt Chart without precedences. That is, it doesn’t follow the sequence from the CPM.  

Please use teh following two docs to complete the new schedule. 


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