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PJM 400 Colorado State University Procurement and Contract Management Project

NOTE: This option will focus on procurement from the procurement management perspective and will include discussion and analysis of project management. You may want to select this option if you are not getting a degree in Project Management.

For this option, you will write a paper presenting a complete procurement management process for an organization of your choosing. The paper will be based on the procurement practices of an organization you have researched. The elements you must include are:

  1. Requirements – Planning the Procurement
  2. Requisitions – Conducting the Procurement
  3. Solicitations – Requesting Seller Response
  4. Awards – Selecting Sellers
  5. Administration
  6. Contracts, Incentives, and Risks
  7. Quality and Closure

You are building on the work you’ve completed in the discussion forums and Critical Thinking Assignments. Be sure to incorporate feedback you have received along the way.

Your paper must have:

  • An introduction. Use your introduction to summarize and define your topic, including a clear statement of the procurement goal.
  • A discussion or body that must include:
    • A discussion of the implications of proposed solutions for procurement and contracts. Also, be sure to properly organize your writing and include other headings/subheadings for the body of your work associated with each of the bulleted items above.
    • A discussion of how procurement works within project teams to facilitate the needs of projects.
    • A discussion of how procurement works within a global environment to facilitate the needs of projects.
    • Your evaluation and conclusion regarding possible methods of managing or addressing the problem raised by your opinion on the issues (supported by research). Relate your paper to larger (broader) procurement and contract management issues as found in the course readings.
    • Current, relevant research from at least 6-8 credible sources that are not used as readings in this course. At least three references must be peer-reviewed, scholarly sources and the rest may be trade or professional procurement management You may certainly use your textbook and course readings but these do not count as part of the required 6-8 sources. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find your resources. Cite and reference all sources used.
  • A conclusion

The paper is expected to provide a thoughtful analysis on the topic. You are encouraged to add your own opinions, but these should be carefully considered and supported by evidence or outside rationale.

Note: This project has two Portfolio Milestones:

  • By the end of Week 3, you should secure approval from your instructor regarding your topic.
  • By the end of Week 5, submit a detailed outline of your Portfolio Project paper for review and feedback from your instructor.
  • You will be expected to account for the instructor’s feedback in your final version of the paper.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length (not counting the cover and reference pages that you must include) and conform to the CSU Global Writing Center.

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