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Learning Objectives:

This assignment will help students meet the following Learning Objectives.

Students will analyze issues from multiple perspectives and apply ideas in texts to real-world contexts and their lives.

Students will also be able to use written texts as models for their own writing.

Students will write effective essays that engage readers and present original ideas or points of view.

  1. Emphasis will be placed on thesis-driven essays, which will demonstrate the principles of argumentation, including claims, evidence, and analysis.
  2. Students will use all stages of the reading and writing processes—including pre-reading, reading, post-reading, pre-writing, writing, and editing—in order to critically analyze readings and produce clear, well-organized essays predominantly free of grammatical and proofreading errors.
  3. The assignment addresses the following student learning outcomes:
  4. Synthesize material from multiple texts to create and support an argument in response to a prompt.
  5. Create writing that is clear and concise.


Step 1: Revise

  1. After peer review, revise your Essay 2 one more time with the help of your partner’s suggestions. Make sure to re-read the requirements, double check your structure,  and read the essay aloud to check for grammar errors.
  2. Step 2: Review/Double Check

Your essay should between 800-1200 words in length and present an argument about the place of hate vs. free speech on college campuses (keep in mind the prompt asks you to narrow this idea down to college campuses specifically, not in general). 

More Specifically:

Your essay must also include your argument about whether college campuses should ban or allow what could be considered hate speech on their campuses. That means you need a thesis and topic sentences which state your claim and reasons. You also need support for your argument in the form of cited material and personal experience

You are required to cite both personal experience and the texts we discussed.

Your argument should include at least one counter-argument, or point your opposition could raise, to which you respond with a refutation.

Required Structure:

The essay should include a minimum of 5 paragraphs: an introduction that ends with a thesis, 3 body paragraphs in PIEIE and a conclusion

Introduction should include background to the issue and end with your clear thesis (answer to the prompt question)

Three body paragraphs should provide clear sub-claims (points) or reasons why you think one way or the other and evidence from the sources (quotes and paraphrases that are cited) to support your claims. Each paragraph should follow the PIEIE structure (meaning there would be two quotes per body paragraph).

Body paragraphs should be begin with a Point, provide two examples from the articles/sources and explain each example

One of the body paragraphs should start with a counter argument (in one sentence) right before the Point 

Your conclusion should restate the thesis and give the essay a sense of finality


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