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PMBA 6309 UIW Week 6 Compensation and Performance Discussion

Week 6 DQ: Compensation & Performance

**It is expected that your answers to each question will be 1+ well-constructed and organized paragraphs. More than one paragraph may be necessary based on the nature of the question. 

The topic of pay equity is the reason for many debates.

Explain the relationship between pay equity and motivation.

What is the impact when employees perceive that their input/output ratio (distributive fairness concept, p. 349) is inequitable relative to that of others?

What should organizations do to minimize such perceptions?

Discussion Instructions (in order to receive full credit, please follow these instructions and the discussion rubric): 

Each question needs to be answered by no later than Wednesday, you can answer 1, 2, or all questions in one day (must be by Wednesday to receive credit).            *You must include at minimum 3 chapter concepts in the original response from the assigned course textbook; other valid sources will be extra.

  1. Answering all questions at the end of the week will considerably reduce your points and you will only receive points for the peer responses.

Reply to 2 peers (with well-written and organized paragraph(s), each peer response must be 175+ words). Peer responses will occur between Thursday and Sunday only (not before). *Peer responses must be based on additional research, include citations and references to comply with APA guidelines. You can use the assigned textbook or other valid sources. 

Students must demonstrate they are able to apply chapter concepts by including concepts in each post (original posts and peer responses).

  1. A rubric will be used to grade your participation, critical analysis of the topics, timeliness, relevance, and quality of posts.
    The Rubric is attached to the discussion. 
  2. I encourage additional research from valid sources (these sources can include HBR, peer-reviewed journal articles, McKinsey & Co., & BCG, (there may be others as well) —do not use Wikipedia for academic research.


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