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POLI 140 Arizona Women & Gender Equality Across the World Research Paper

Research Paper:

You are to write a research paper on the topic of your choice below.

1) Right to education for all—UN Millennium Goals;

2) Women/ gender equality across the world (this one cuts across a lot of areas including education, human rights, and victimization, i.e. rapes as part of war strategy) (check out the book in the Miramar library called Half the Sky);

3) Human rights/genocide and the conflicting position with the international relations doctrine of sovereignty;

4) How should the US deal with difficult countries and/or terrrorist groups, ie. ISIS/ISIL, North Korea, and/or Russia;

5) Ways to tackle our global issues of food and water supplies and oil needs.

The paper must be 6-8 pages, double spaced, no larger than 12 point font (Times Roman preferred), with no bigger than 1 inch margins on all sides. You must have writing on at least one-half of the sixth page for it to meet the minimum page length requirement.

You must use at least three different sources for your paper. 3 articles from the Union Tribune are NOT three sources. An example of 3 different sources is: San Diego Union Tribune, Newsweek and a book on the topic. You must detail for me the sources you used in a bibliography. No, this does not count as part of the six-page minimum. Wikipedia may not be used as a source! You may start there, but do not rely on that as your source material.

I take plagiarism very seriously. If you are quoting a source, discussing statistics or utilizing the thoughts of a writer (other than yourself), you must give proper credit using footnotes or endnotes (endnotes do not count as part of the six page minimum either!).

You will be graded on Appropriate Content/Thoroughness of research, footnotes/references, bibliography, language and style and length and format. RUBRIC IS ATTACHED BELOW


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