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POLITICAL SCIENCE 001 San Jose State University US Government Questions

1) Ugly English Example, translation, and citation – 20points

Do in this order:

1 Using APA, fully cite the source of your example.

2 Give your example

3 State (as simply as possible) your translation into simple plain English


The UGLY ENGLISH EXAMPLE AND TRANSLATION simply involve finding an example of what Orwell calls “ugly English.” Then translate your example into “standard” or “simplified” English. First, Click Here

(Links to an external site.)

You can link to Orwell’s article and more details on the assignment.

Then: Find an example (a word or phrase) and type it in quotes. Note the source. Provide the simplified “translation” of how the author (or speaker or whatever) could have better made the point. You can use newspapers, magazines, textbooks, radio or TV broadcasts, even things you hear people. All these are places to find examples of inappropriate jargon, obtuse verbiage, over-used expressions, inappropriate foreign terms, and the like. Be creative, this just might be fun!

2) Class Project Working References – 20 points

You have already done the research and found things you might use in your paper, right?

Using APA Reference Page citation style List ALL the sources you have come across and MIGHT use for your Course Project paper…

This is NOT your final reference list… only what you have so far.

Shoot for WAY more than 10 sources. at this stage.

Course Project “Working References” should be at least ten (10) college-level sources you will be using in your course project paper. Must be in APA format.

3) Critical Thinking Project- 20 points

Read the syllabus – see the link explaining the Critical Thinking Project – click on that link and find the 8 questions you need to answer.

Follow these directions or lose points.

1 Using APA fully cite your opinion piece

2. IN ORDER briefly (a word or phrase ONLY) answer the 8 questions from the web page.

Do not copy the question – just give the answer.

You will Lose points if you do not follow these directions,

The Critical Thinking Op-Ed (Commentary) Project: First, choose the op-ed piece or article you will be analyzing. You can use an opinion piece or article from any newspaper, magazine, website, etc… It does not have to be about politics, but wouldn’t it make more sense if it were? A traditional opinion/editorial is an argument by someone who is clearly identified, paid to write it, and qualified to have an opinion on the subject. DO NOT use editorials (they have no “byline.” – they are written by a staff). DO NOT use “letters to the editor.” DO NOT USE BLOGS – unless the piece conforms to the standards of a traditional op-ed piece (from 250 – 1500 words, clearly on one topic, expert, etc). The web page explains the eight answers you must provide about the op-ed piece. Just fill in the blanks, with bullet points or brief clauses, do not copy the question – Post answers on Canvas in the assignment section. Click here to learn more: “Critical Thinking And YOU”

There is a link on the syllabus where the Critical Thinking Project is described… that will bring you to the 8 questions.

Just follow the directions and BRIEFLY answer the eight questions (found from the link on the syllabus).

The key is finding an opinion piece (Commentary or “Op/Ed”), written by an expert in the field.

It’s gotta be (1) by an expert in the field that is the subject of the op/ed piece, (2) a PAID published piece of around 500 – 2000 words, CITED by YOU in APA format (full citation, like would appear in the reference list at the end of a paper).

Use 1 or 2 (One or Two) WORDS to answer each of the eight questions…


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