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Pollution from An Economic Perspective Questions

Pollution from an economic perspective is a general topic, I need to be more narrow. So, You could think about the costs companies have when they trying to reduce pollution, or the idea that developing countries should focus on sustainable ways to grow that do not impact the planet in a negative way.

1. What is your chosen issue?

2. Do you think writing a Rogerian-style argument would work for your issue? Why or why not?

  • If yes, and you DO want to write a Rogerian argument, go to question 3. Complete only questions 3 – 13.

3. If you think Rogerian argumentation would work for your issue, what is a position you disagree with?

4. What is an article that shows this other position? (You can list a couple here if you like!)

5. Using the article(s) you listed in question 4, summarize the position in a neutral way. What are the main points made?

6. What is your immediate reaction to this? (Of course, this won’t be included in your paper, but just get it out here!)

7. What are one or two ideas from the other position that you think are valid? Why?

8. If possible, what is some evidence from research that shows that these ideas are valid? The evidence could be research study results, statistics, a story, a quote from an expert, etc. Use a source here to show the validity.

9. In what ways do you have common ground with the supporters of the other position? What values or common goals do you share?

10. What is a point that you want the opposition to know about? What is something they should maybe keep in mind?

11. What evidence do you have from your research that shows that they should consider this perspective? The evidence could be research study results, statistics, a story, a quote from an expert, etc.

12. For this assignment, you can write a Rogerian email or an essay. Look at the assignment sheet and the examples. Which one would you like to write? Why?

13. How do you feel about starting this assignment? What questions do you have for me?


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