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PPCC Ms Chavez Case Creating a Logo for A Realty Company in Word Exercise


Ms. Chavez has asked you to create a Newsletter for her realty company using Microsoft Word. Please make up a business name for the realty company. Additionally, she has asked that you create a new logo for the business and to use it in the newsletter. She would like you to write up a summary of sales for the last month, including a chart showing the sales data for the Newsletter.


  • Create a Logo using Word for the realty company!
    • In this Module, you learned several ways to make “art” in Word. You may use whatever Word tools you wish, but the shapes are very useful in getting started on the Logo. The logo simply needs to have the name of the business and an image or shape of some type (depicting real estate).
    • Create the logo first, save the file, and then move it into the Newsletter file.
  • Create a Newsletter for the company
    • Create a Newsletter for the moving company in Word from a template but using your OWN written content using techniques from Module 4 in the e-text. You can simply copy and paste the logo into the Newsletter and resize.
    • Your Newsletter must use AT LEAST TWO of the following techniques: Remove background from a picture, applying a WordArt style, applying a picture style, balancing columns of text so they are even.
  • Create a Chart for the Newsletter based on real estate sales for the past month.

For the sales data for the past month: You get to choose how many houses were sold in the past month, and the number of houses in each price range. Use the following price ranges for grouping your sales.

  • Below $200,000
  • $200,000 – 400,000
  • $400,000 – 600,000
  • $600,000 – 800,000
  • Over $800,000

Write a paragraph about the realty company.

  • Simply write a paragraph about the company. For topic ideas, look online at real estate business newsletters. It does not have to be real information.


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